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Relax, Cool, Safe, connected to Nature

The Team

Kayak & Nature

No stress, no hurry, no long distance marathon, no back transportation needed!

Simply come , paddle and enjoy!

You will have easy paddling on 1,5km of flat water upstream the dam and discover the natural environment seen from the boat. The river has a very slow current. Departure & arrival are at the same place. It's an approximatively 3km loop on the river, what means 1,5 km in one direction and 1,5 km back to the starting point, what gives you approximatively 1 hour of activity.

Learning how to practice canoeing, glide on water surface, discover the surrounding nature with a view from the boat.

Our precept is: time of wellbeeing, not distance performing !

Unfortunately, we cannot accept children under the age of 6 on board.

(legal reglementation)

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Short information


15. Mai until 15. October

between 10h00 and 18h00

Closed on Sunday and legal holidays

Only on advanced booking minimum 1 week ahead via: using PDF form Demande activité

Advance payment by bank transfer

Practical info:

Conditions to participate

and clothing recommandations

in this PDF

Maximum 20 Participants at the same time in the boats.

Time: the shortest time unit is 2 hours of activity.

By activity one has to consider the time lap between arrival nd departure of the group.

It is possible to book longer activities.

Bigger groups can share the boats in the middle of the activity.

​On site: Toilets,

showers, changing rooms,

9 lokers for woman

9 loker for man

(bring some 1€ or 2€ coins)


Prices 2023:


Minimum rate 210.00 EUR including 10 people for 2 hours of activity. (calculated between arrival and departure of the group)

There is no minimum number of participants, but if there are less than 10 participants, the minimum tariff remains to be paid.

Other price examples:

2 hours & 10 people = 210, - EUR

2 hours & 20 people = 280, - EUR

3 hours & 10 people = 315, - EUR

3 hours & 20 people = 455, - EUR

4 hours & 10 people = 420, - EUR

4 hours & 20 people = 630, - EUR

between 10 and 20 people will be charged per person.



Payment in euros in advance to a bank account.

Our boats

  • 8 Kayaks for 2 Persons

  • 2 Canoes for 2 or 3 Persons

  • 5 Kayaks for 1 Person (max. 90 kg)


Dogs are admitted on board of the 2-seater kayaks and the canoes!

If the dogs takes a place for himself, he is considered as a payable participant (for exemple see picture)

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